DASANA —Concept Identity

"Dasana" is an identity I created for a musical side-project that has slowly evolved into something more. I wanted the logo to convey a sense of spaciousness. In creating the logo, I took inspiration from animated production house logos of the 80’s and 90’s, as well as from brands like Phaidon.

INCH —Concept Identity

This is a conceptual wordmark I did just for fun and ended up really liking. The letters are based on a font but I heavily manipulated their shapes and proportions.

It was created with the purpose of being used for some sort of creative multimedia studio.

PROCESS ONE —Brand Redesign

"Process One" is a photo lab based in Kansas City, MO. I became interested in their business and decided to do a bit of conceptual work that could eventually be pitched to the business as a rebrand.

The design is based on the shape of the tab you wind into your camera to begin shooting a roll of film. I was able to retain the core elements of the original logo while also modernizing and condensing it.

JUNQUIE —Brand Identity

This is a wordmark commisioned by an online thrift store. The client wanted something that felt slightly wild and DIY. I kept that in mind when creating this logo.

To achieve the look I wanted, I cut out letters from paper and scanned them into the computer, then arranged them and experimented with colors. While early color tests gave results that felt too "toy-like", I finally landed on a color combination that felt balanced and adult, still retaining a playful edge.


This is another conceptual redesign that I did for a local health food store. I drew the initial sketch on paper, then digitized it and manipulated it till I acheived a shape I liked.

F!KE —Personal Brand Concept

I’ve experimented with developing a personal brand for a while. Exactly what I would do with one is kind of beyond me at this point, but it was fun playing around with some ideas. Perhaps it could be turned into a standalone website for design, or a clothing brand, etc.